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The videos below demonstrate the capabilities of the QuiltCut2 fabric cutting system. To view a video, just click on the thumbnail image, and the video will begin playing in a small pop-up window. All videos on this site can be found on our YouTube channel. More videos will be added in the future, so make sure you go to our channel and click on the red “Subscribe” button to be notified of future videos.


The QuiltCut2 in Action

Watch this demonstration to get an overview of how the QuiltCut2 works and how it makes cutting fabric with your rotary cutter easy and accurate.


The B Star Runner

Laurel Weber takes you step by step through an exciting new technique and project to create a runner using the QuiltCut2. 


Cutting Squares of All Sizes

QuiltCut’s Laurel Weber demonstrates the versatility of the QuiltCut2 in quickly cutting squares of different sizes.


Cut Any Size or Angle

Watch Sam Albright demonstrate the versatility of the QuiltCut2 in quickly cutting shapes of different sizes and designs.


Simple Pieced Hexagons

Watch quilt teacher Julie Jenkins use the QuiltCut2 to make easy and beautiful hexagons from strip-pieced equilateral triangles.


Cutting Strips & Squares

The QuiltCut2 Fabric Cutting System makes it increadibly easy to cut strips and squares of various sizes. See how it’s done!


Flying Geese with the QuiltCut2

Barbara Dann demonstrates an easy technique for Flying Geese using the QuiltCut2 fabric cutting system.


QuiltCut2 Demonstration

Barbara Dann demonstrates the versatility of using a fabric rotary cutter with the QuiltCut2 fabric cutting system.


Tips When Repositioning the QuiltCut2 Cutting Mat

Let Sam Albright walk you through how to correctly position your QuiltCut2 cutting mat and how to replace it down the road.

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