QuiltCut2 Deluxe Kit


Our starter kit provides you with the essential tools and tips to get started on your next quilting project. It has everything you need to reduce your cutting times and improve the accuracy of your cuts.

You get the QuiltCut2, Perfect Patches DVD, Tips & Technique DVD and our Feathered Fans Quilt Pattern for an exclusive package deal. Save over $20 on this kit.


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QuiltCut2 Deluxe Kit

The Quiltcut2 is a patented fabric cutting system that combines essential quilting tools into one ingenious and easy-to-use fabric cutter. It consists of a sturdy wood base, a durable cutting mat, a anchored ruler that pivots and locks in at precise angles, and a clamp bar that secures large pieces of quilting fabric.

With the Quiltcut2, you can cut any straight-sided shape, large or small. No more struggling with slipping quilting rulers or templates! Great for all quilters: beginning, advanced, traditional or modern!

This unique combination of tools makes cutting with your rotary cutter safer, more accurate and easier on your hands. Stack up to 10 layers of fabric to accurately cut strips, squares, triangles, diamonds, quilt borders, binding, jelly rolls, square-up quilt blocks, etc.

Best of all, use your QuiltCut2 for straight-sided cuts while saving your AccuQuilt or Fiskars die cutter machine for specialty dies. The QuiltCut2 also provides an anchor point for use with specialty template shapes. It really is the perfect cutting surface for all your quilting needs.


  • The Cutting Ruler will not shift or wander as you cut, and pivots to lock-in at 13 useful angles.
  • The Clamp Bar secures large pieces of fabric – no more fabric sliding off the table.
  • The Speed Gauge measures from 1/4″ to 6-1/2″ for accurate repeat cuts, and turns with the Cutting Guide to measure at angles for diamonds, strip piecing, etc.
  • The high quality, 26″ x 18″ Cutting Mat is an off-white color that provides a pleasing neutral background.
  • Can be used Right or Left-handed.
  • Ideal for all levels of quilters, traditional or modern.
  • Comes complete and ready-to-use: no assembly required. Clear instructions and DVD included.


Our kit includes:

  • QuiltCut2 All-in-One Fabric Cutting System
  • Perfect Patches DVD with Julie Jenkins
  • Tips & Techniques DVD with Carol Bledsoe
  • Feathered Fans Quilt Pattern

Save over $40 on this must have starter kit.

Additional information

Weight 18 lbs
Dimensions 28 × 20 × 2 in

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