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Using Templates

Many quilters have used pre-cut cardboard or acrylic templates to cut out their fabric pieces. Templates can be hard to hold and difficult to cut against. Combine the templates with the QuiltCut2 Cutting Guide for more secure and accurate cutting. In this example we will cut a series of hexagons with a hexagon template.

Step 1

Cut strips the height of the hexagon. If you are cutting multiple strips set the Speed Gauge for the strip width as shown.

Step 2

Set the Cutting Guide at 60° to the right and cut off the lower right corner of the strip.

Step 3

Line up the template at the corner of the strip. Move the Cutting Guide to the left-hand 60° angle. Slide the Cutting Guide to butt up to the left edge of the template.

Step 4

Hold down the template and the Cutting Guide as you cut off the upper right corner of the hexagon. This is the only cut you will make using the template’s edge as a cutting guide.

Step 5

Keeping the Cutting Guide in place, move the template out of the way, and cut along the Cutting Guide. After the cut, set the template back in place.

Step 6

Pivot the Cutting Guide 60° to the right and carefully position it against the upper left edge of the template. Move the template out of the way and cut against the Cutting Guide.

Step 7

Repeat steps 3 through 6 until you have as many hexagons as you need.

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