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Strip Piecing

Use the QuiltCut2 for cutting strips prior to strip piecing, and for cutting segments after the strips are sewn together.

  1. Strip Piecing-Step 1

    Cut the number of strips and sew strips together as required by your quilt pattern. Press the strips carefully after stitching.

  2. Strip Piecing-Step 2

    Place the pieced strip set on the Cutting Mat, with the stitching parallel to the Clamp Bar Rail. You may either align the stitching with the lines on the Cutting Mat or with the Cutting Guide, set at 90°.

  3. Strip Piecing-Step 3

    Place the Cutting Guide (with the Speed Gauge set for the segment width you need) on the Clamp Bar Rail. Set the Cutting Guide to the angle of segment you need to cut.

  4. Slide the Cutting Guide to the end of the strip set and cut off the end of the pieced strip. Use the Speed Gauge technique to cut the rest of your pieces.

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