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Step 1

With strips in place on the Cutting Mat and with edges touching, move the Cutting Guide to the Clamp Bar rail. Leave the Cutting Guide angle at 90° for cutting squares or rectangles. Make sure there is no space between the strips of fabric. Be sure the Clamp Bar is lowered.

Step 2

Align the edge of the Cutting Guide at the ends of the strips to make an even first cut. Cut off and remove the selvage edges.

Step 3

If necessary, set the Speed Gauge for the correct measurement. Slide the Cutting Guide so the inside edge of the Speed Gauge is at the cut you made in step 2 and make the next cut. Take care to lift the Cutting Guide off the Mat as you slide it so it does not disturb the fabric. If you are going to be cutting triangles do not remove the squares or rectangles yet. Repeat by lifting and sliding the Cutting Guide, aligning the inside edge of the Speed Gauge on the cut you just made and cutting until you have the number of pieces you need.

Step 4

Use QuiltCut2 to selectively cut, square up or trim individual pieces.

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