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Customer Testimonials

I just had to tell you what a great thing you have done for the handicapped quilters of the world…. I work in a quilt shop and was very skeptical about the Alto cutting system when I was told we were getting one in to use and ones to sell to the public. I am a new quilt designer and am handicapped so I figured it would not work for me. Boy am I glad to say I was wrong! It’s wonderful! I believe in it so much that I have sold several to our customers.

Did you have any idea that it would be handy for handicapped people when you designed it? If not you should consider using that as a selling point. My husband has M.S. and he tries to help me when I am cutting out a new quilt because I am in so much pain but there are so many times that I hate to ask for help (holding the fabric so it won’t slip) but when I use it I am amazed how much easier it is to cut through several layers of fabric with much less effort.

Thank you so much for this wonderful invention! Keep up the great work.


I just wanted to say thank you. I have disabilities that make it difficult to cut fabric and do the amount of quilting that I would really like to do. I often go to my mother’s house and ask her to cut out my projects so that I can sew them together. Your product has made it simple for me to cut my own projects now. Thank-you from the bottom of my heart.


I would just like to say thank you for my order which arrived in pristine condition. … Definitely money well spent. The cutting board is magnificent. The written instructions are very clear and I have had no trouble following them. So please accept my appreciation for a faultless transaction. Look forward to doing business with Alto’s QuiltCut2 again.

—Irene, England

There are not enough superlatives to describe my new QuiltCut! I’ve been using it for almost 5 months now, and it is just wonderful!!! It really excels when used to cut pieces on the diagonal. Before, it was a big chore to cut 45 and 60 degree angles. Again, thank you for a superior product.

—Kathleen – Walnut Creek, CA

…It took lots of precise cutting, and I was in heaven to have the quilting system. …I will remember to tell my sewing friends how great your company is.

—Marian “One very, very happy customer” – Saline, MI

I have always avoided making traditional quilts because I dreaded cutting out the pieces. I bought an Alto’s quilt cut in early December and have become a cutting fiend!!! I have squares, triangles and diamonds in piles now!!! I may never catch up!! I never thought I could enjoy cutting and piecing a traditional quilt.

—Cynthia W.

I just have to write and let you know how impressed I have been with the quality of your company! In this do-the-minimum-to-get-by society and the that’s-not-my-department mindset, it is refreshing change to be treated to your fine service! I bought the Alto’s QuiltCut in 2001, and used it constantly. In addition to my own pictorial art quilts, I enjoy teaching new quilters, and the precision made easy by the QuiltCut system is helpful. During a move to a new home last December, my equipment was treated to some rough handling. The siderail was lost, and the cutting guide was broken. I called you, and replacements were sent instantly. I expected to pay and to wait, but instead I was delighted with speedy, no charge replacements….

—Lila – Selah, WA

I just wanted to let you know what a great product the EZ Mat is and a great company too. In teaching my neice to quilt the prong on the quilt head broke – Much to my surprise, you replaced it free – I did not expect this, what service and quality of product you have. These are old time values, although I’ve notice at shows that those attending seem to have many of those values too. Thank you so much! I continue to promote quilting and all the products that make it such a joy – Thanks again.

—Lanna – Tolleson, AZ

My sister purchased one (QuiltCut) from you and I used it and I was sold, we went to a quilting retreat this weekend and everyone was really excited over your product, I think you will get a lot of orders… Thanks for a great product.

—E-mail from Lucinda

It’s wonderful.

—M.J. – Tillamook, OR

I have looked for something like this for years. Thank you.

—Carol – Benton, IL

I love it! I can’t cut any other way now.

—JoAnn – Sweet Home, OR

“100% Satisfied!”

—Marie – Sandston, VA

Thank you very much. The QuiltCut is a real time saver. I LOVE IT.

—E-mail from Lila

Thank you so much for making a wonderful product – I received my QuiltCut for Christmas, I have used it and love it. It makes the chore of cutting so easy. I even recommended it to a friend and she ordered one too. Thanks again.

—E-mail from Margo

After using the system with two quilting friends, I cannot tell you how unbelievably wonderful I found it to use. I had expected it to be more complicated top operate, but found the directions you supplies more than adequate. My two friends each cut out a quilt top for a double bed in the space of two and a half hours! Something which could not have been accomplished by even the most proficient quilter using a rotary cutter – and certainly not with the accuracy it gave my friends.

—Marty – Sandpoint, ID

WOW – It’s great. It took me longer to set it up and watch the video than to cut out material for 24 Rambling Blocks.

—Barbara – Stamford, CT

I just had to write and tell you how much your Quilt cutting system has helped me. I have a small sewing/quilting business out of my home and also sew full time for a company that makes upscale, custom baby linens. Needless to say, I did a huge amount of rotary cutting. Eventually I got tendinitis in my arm and arthritis in both my elbow and shoulder and bursitis. While recuperating I found your cutting system online and thought, “this could put me back into business!” With the help of your staff, I was able to locate a store in my area, test the cutting system and then purchase it. The feature that I most love is how the fabric is locked into place before the cutting actually begins. My fabric is now stable…no more slip ups! I cut about 6-8 layers of fabric at once, and it has always been difficult to hold all that fabric and make a precision cut. I have been back to work now for several months and use the Quilt Cut system everyday. It has absolutely saved my sewing business and I can’t thank you all enough! I just went into your web site and now see you have a wonderful new, larger system …the Quilt Cut Pro. I’m sure that will be the #1 item on MY Christmas list this year. Thanks to everyone on your staff.


The first thing I cut with my Alto’s was hexagons. I was nervous and hesitant, but I had blocks that had to get done. In about 30 minutes I had all I needed and then some. I have 6 kids and any time I can squeak in to sew is precious to me. Thanks to the Alto’s QuiltCut, I’m getting more projects to the finished stages. Keep up the good work! A VERY satisfied mom in Ok.


Thanks for the great product and the new bolt rollers. This will give me a much better way to cut kits from the massive quantity of fabric I have (according to my dear husband). … thanks for making part of my life easier!

—Alice – Jonesboro, AR

I love it.

—Elizabeth – Austin, TX

I have the Alto’s Quiltcut now, and I love it! This system is WELL worth the money in terms of time saved, and in terms of cutting accuracy!


Using the system with two quilting friends on Saturday, I cannot tell you how unbelievably wonderful I found it to use. I had expected it to be more complicated to operate, but found the directions you supplied more than adequate. My two friends each cut out a quilt top for a double bed in the space of two and half hours! Something which could not have been accomplished by even the most proficient quilter using a rotary cutter – and certainly not with the accuracy it gave my friends.


I bought a QuiltCut system and I LOVE IT!!! I love my QuiltCut and am anxious to find new ways to use it.


I love it. I love it. I love it.


I really like how easy piecing a quilt is with it. I have recommended it to everyone I know who used a cutting board and rotary cutter.

—Sandra – Longview, TX

This is the greatest quilt tool I have ever worked with!

—Sue – Roseburg, OR

Do have any information on your mat cutter? I love my QuiltCut! My daughter-in-law is a painter and I thought if your mat cutter is as good as your QuiltCut (it is), she might like it to help frame her paintings.


… I do, indeed, love it. I now can cut faster than I can sew.


Hi and thanks for the great Cutting System. I love it!!!


I love my cutter. I told three friends and they each bought one. They also love the cutter.

—Sonya – Lakewood, CA

I wish I had known about this machine before. My 81-year-old mother was an avid quilter and spent many hand-aching hours cutting out blocks. I would have bought it for her in a heartbeat.


Hi. Just wanted to write and tell you how much I love the QuiltCut System. I’m a beginning quilter and I’m not very good with rulers and cutting. I’ve always felt that “close enough” was good enough for me, so I was worried about the precision cutting that must be done for quilting. I saw the Alto QuiltCut in a magazine and though it was a very good idea. I decided it was worth the expense and ordered one. Well, it is the best money I’ve ever spent. I can’t believe how easy it is to use and how much time it saves. I always want to get to the sewing and this great system allows me to get to the piecing and sewing so much sooner. I can’t thank you enough for coming up with such a great product. I’ve encouraged all of my quilting friends to buy one and I’ve demonstrated it a few times. It’s going to be one of those tools you just can’t live without. Please keep up the good work, I look forward to any future innovations for quilting that you may come up with.

P.S. I also own an Alto mat cutter (have for quite a few years), so I knew your products were good and easy to use, that’s why I felt safe as a beginner spending the money on this tool. It was worth every penny!

—A very satisfied customer, Christie

I purchased the QuiltCut at the woodworking show in Tampa in February. I do not know how I ever cut out my quilts before. I sing its praises to every one.


It’s the first time I’ve cut strips and not said “Oh !%!!” Love your website – ordered my Alto from seeing the site, sight unseen!!” We at Alto’s did a little creative editing – so as not to offend anyone.

—Pat – Stuart, FL

Great products. Thank you. I also own your brass mat cutter.

—Diana – Manteca, CA

Love it!!

—Becky – Boulder Creek, CA

I have used it everyday and absolutely love it.


Thank you for your quick response. Both my sister and myself have one of you QuiltCuts. You were the first company I contacted for replacements items after the earthquake, without my QuiltCut I cannot make quilts. I tell everyone at our quilting guild how easy it is to use and how much they are missing by not having one. …such a wonderful product, every quilter should have one.

—Karen (different Karen)

It is such a pleasure dealing with a company like yours that takes the time for its customers.


I love this cutting system. Thanks.


We love this thing (QuiltCut), it just flies right out the door! It’s the greatest thing since sliced bread.

—store owner in Lubbock, TX

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