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QuiltCut2: The Fabric
Cutter for the Quilting Arts

Picture of QuiltCut 2

The QuiltCut2 Fabric Cutting System combines many familiar quilting tools into one ingenious and easy-to-use fabric cutter. Quickly and accurately cut out your quilts… no more struggling with slipping quilting rulers or templates! Great for beginning to advanced quilters, the QuiltCut2 makes cutting with your rotary cutter safer and easier on your hands. Watch the videos and explore the many benefits of the QuiltCut2!

Video: Intro to QuiltCut2

The QuiltCut2 in Action

Watch this demonstration to get an overview of how the QuiltCut2 works and how it makes cutting fabric with your rotary cutter easy and accurate.

Video: B Star Runner - Part 1

B Star Runner – 3-Part Series

Laurel Weber shows you an exciting new project that uses triangle sets and smaller blocks to craft an interesting table runner. Part 1 | Part 2 | Part 3

Video: Cutting Squares - Big and Small

Cutting Squares – Big and Small

QuiltCut’s Laurel Weber demonstrates the versatility of the QuiltCut2 in quickly cutting squares of different sizes.

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